Month: March 2009

  • It was so windy on Saturday morning, things were flying and falling across our deck, which woke me up in a frazzle. 

    It was a busy day--I had a nail appointment at 10 a.m. (free!!  cashed in my points!), then two consecutive birthday parties to attend.  I had still had to buy gifts...  I picked up Sailor for the first party, and we rushed into town, bought gifts and wrappings, then went through McDonald's drive-thru for a quick lunch before the party started.  As we waited in line, the wind was moving my car and blowing anything and everything into the air.

    I saw plastic grocery bags, paper, cups--all flying up into the sky, then landing in trees and on grass.

    And, it made me think. 

    Everybody is talking about going green, and doing all of these "responsible" things like changing their lightbulbs (ironically, into mercury-filled bulbs), recycling, and using actual shopping bags for their groceries.......but, people are still littering like crazy.  What's up with that?!