Month: April 2009

  • Hello, friends!

    I popped in the other day with a list of posts I have brewing, only to abandon it all as life got in the way.  Oh, well...that seems to be the way we roll around here!  In my lengthy absences, be assured that I will return--with a Lifetime membership, you know that I will not stay away from Xanga permanently!  ;)

    I have many pictures to upload, but my computer's anti-virus expired, and I have been turning my computer on in "safe-mode" lately.  I can't upload pics in safe-mode...  Sometime next week, I will be taking my tower in for a young computer whiz to de-bug (he'll also install a new anti-virus), then I will have a few picture posts for y'all.

    In other news, I was one of the winners of homeschoolingthem's Yoplait giveaway!!  I am so excited--I cannot wait for my little guys to see what we won (I am not going to say anything to them until it arrives)! 

  • Yoplait Giveaway

    Homeschoolingthem is having a Yoplait Giveaway~go check it out and comment!  She's drawing three names on April 21st!