Month: September 2009

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    Howdy, strangers!  ;)   Am I the only one who cannot regulate her computer time?  It is as if I am either addictively reading blogs and posting, or I do not even turn the computer on.  I cannot find a happy medium!  Lately, I have been on Twitter quite a bit--it is not as satisfying as blogging, but I get to put my *short* thoughts "out there" and interact a little.  With Twitter, I can also sit down at the computer for a few seconds at a time and not get too distracted (running off on rabbit trails into the internets!).  So, it is almost like a compromise between the all or nothing relationship I have with my computer!

    Well, it is inexcusable, but we have not had our house on the market this entire time.  I would be embarrassed, but I gave up months ago on worrying about it!  ;)   I finally realized that I could not get it ready on my own, and it became clear to me that I am not in control.  So, I just do my daily thing--homeschooling, cleaning, a little organizing, and when my husband is off, we finish projects.  I know this:  When this house is sold, we are going on a desperately needed vacation! 

    I tried something new last week that I am excited about!  Our neighbors brought us a bag of tomatoes and about six pounds of blueberries.  I decided to freeze the blueberries in pint Ziplocs, then I canned the tomatoes.  I have never canned anything!  After watching 3 or 4 youtube videos, I just did it!  I ended up with three quarts--I could not believe how many tomatoes fit in one jar, lol.  They have to be packed really tight!  Anyways, it was so easy--I am shocked at how easy it was.  I feel like I could can anything now...I would like to try jams or jellies next!

    Whew!--I would love to know what everyone is thinking about the current state of our nation--and our world!  I feel like everything is upside down.  I am concerned about the health care plan--in many areas, but right now, the funding for abortions.  I just cannot fathom that 20 years of fighting abortion could possibly not only vanish, but at the same time, actively fund for even more murder.  I actually have more to say about this, but that will have to be another post!  I am also concerned about the H1N1 panic and vaccination.  My children receive specific, delayed vaccinations--I only allow the most necessary vacs, and one per year.  I certainly will not allow the government to use my children as guinea pigs for their new vaccinations!  If voluntary adults want to try it out, that is their business (I will not be one of them).  How to Legally Avoid Unwanted Immunizations

    This is getting long, but I have so much more to say!  :)   I will return tomorrow for more...leaving on this note:  I was in a gas station yesterday, and while checking out, saw a picture of President Bush above the cash register.  The caption said, "Miss me yet?" 



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