Month: November 2009

  • 10 More Things About Me

    1.  I cannot sleep with any jewelry on, especially earrings.

    2.  There are 9773 unread messages in my email account (spam has taken over!)

    3.  My car smells like orange and clove pomanders.

    4.  I am trying to figure out a way to live without cell phones.  I just don't think they are healthy!

    5.  I am listening to the wind chimes on the back deck right now.

    6.  Although I said that I would never read another vampire series, I did...I am on the last book of the Sookie Stackhouse series (but this is IT!).

    7.  I shop too much on Etsy.

    8.  I play an oldies AM station on my weather radio in the kitchen throughout the day.  Moon River plays at least once an hour--I ♥ it! ;)

    9.  Having an aversion to washing larger appliances (food processor, blender, KitchenAid) sometimes prevents me from making a certain recipe...(and it is ingrained in me that they must be handwashed!) 

    10. We are going on two years without cable, and I really, really like it!  My children watch DVDs and videos~no commercials!