June 23, 2010

  • Swimming lessons started this morning

    Our three youngest sons started “semi-private” swimming lessons today, but about 30 minutes into the lesson, the instructor and I agreed that the two little ones just aren’t ready, lol!  So, our 7-year old will now have “private” lessons alone while the little ones play in the kiddie pool.  It definitely worked out better–in the last 30 minutes alone, he quickly learned three new skills.  The instructor proclaimed him a “natural”. ;)

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  • lol! It’s hard to tell sometimes when the younger ones are ready to swim!

  • I’m waiting with Ethan and he is three. I’m sure he would love it, but I just want him to really enjoy it and LEARN. :) Your such a great mom.

  • @bethro78 - 

    I agree! I kind of thought our 5-yr old would resist–no surprise there, lol. Our 3-yr old was willing to try (blowing bubbles in water, etc.), but he couldn’t sit still while the instructor worked w/the others…

    @DanielleNicole99 - 

    Yes–we want them to LEARN! :) There is such a push for swimming lessons so early–it made me feel like I *had* to get them started. But, they weren’t learning–they couldn’t pay attention long enough, lol. My oldest and I ended up taking them to the other side of the pool and had them practice jumping in and “swimming” to the side (they wore floaties)…

  • I think there is a push to start EVERYTHING early.

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