October 27, 2009

  • Chihuahua Wedding+

    I've been meaning to post some of these pictures.  We had a Chihuahua Wedding in March, "for the kids".  ;)   One of the homeschool dads, a pastor of a nearby church (although, they've moved since--we miss them!), performed the ceremony.

    Easter 2009 070

    "Will you, Contessa Theresa Magdalena Benita ______ take Bubba Smith as your lawfully wedded husband?" 

    Easter 2009 046

    "With this Paw, I thee wed!" (courtesy bethro78)

    Easter 2009 058



    In July, Tess went into heat and they celebrated their honeymoon, LOL!  And 62 days later, she had four darling puppies.  I will try to upload their pictures at some point~they are on a disposable camera that I need to put on a disk.  The first three pups were born within 20 minutes of each other, and then we thought she was finished (this was between 2-3 a.m.).  She cleaned them up, laid down, and nursed them.  Around 5 a.m., I was afraid that maybe a placenta was stuck, and called an emergency vet.  The woman who manned their answering service told me to rub a little Karo syrup on her gums (Chihuahuas are susceptible to low blood sugar) and that would stimulate her to deliver the placenta.  I followed her directions (they never did call me back, by the way), and about five minutes later, Tess perked up and pushed out another puppy!  We were shocked!  At first I thought it was dead...well, I thought that about each puppy as they were born, lol.  But Tess was trying to break the sack open, and I trusted her instincts, so I started helping her (I actually helped her with each sack because she would start around their tummies, and I wanted their mouths/noses cleared first!), and the pup stretched her front legs and opened her mouth!  We were so happy!  And tired!!

    I vowed that I would never do that again, but we have had so many friends/family ask for puppies, that I might change my mind...

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